How We Met

How We Met

I was asked by my pals John Lucasey, Mark Penå and Brad Dodge to play as a band at their high school reunion July 27th 2013.  My reunion was the year before as I graduated the prior year but that’s how I happened to be at the class of ‘83 reunion.   A magical event for Cindy and I, as well as our best pals John & Lisa.

At that time in my life, I was unemployed having been laid off from ILM that same April.  I was also living with Nicole in Brisbane but I was already somewhat over the relationship and thinking about moving out.  This pretty much sealed the deal.  With much respect to Nicole, she is a wonderful person, it was just not working out for me.

So there I am at this reunion, the band had all set up and finished soundchecking and the food was being brought out buffet-style.   I happened to be standing just beyond the doorway, outside of the Aeolian Yacht Club toward the docks where the band and food was set up.  And in walks Cindy from the entrance.  The song I wrote for her, “That’s My Puddin” (another story to come) the first line is:  “The came along like a little tornado” is about how I describe it.  She confidently walked right up to me and said “Hi”. and I said “Hi” back.  We were talking and introducing ourselves to each other when the food was ready so she grabbed my arm and proclaimed that we would share a plate and eat together.  We got our food and found a table to sit and eat.

Once dinner was finished the band was ready to play our set.  She was front row the whole time and at one point in between songs she came up to me and said:  “I’ve got a hotel room nearby and the hotel has a hot tub.  I want to go sit in the hot tub and drink champagne till 10 when the pool area closes and I’d like you to join me.  Nothing else, just the hot tub! But we need to leave as soon as your set is done.” Of course how could I say no?

So as soon as our set was done she said “OK let’s go, I’ll drive.”  I said “Uh ok…” as the rest of the guys immediately started breaking down their gear.  I just left mine where it was.  When we got to her hotel she opened the champagne and went to change in the bathroom.  She had said right off the bat “we are not having sex just to be clear”.  I said of course, that’s cool I get it.  Also, since I was technically and literally still with, and living with someone that was certainly for the best.  I didn’t exactly mention that though not to put too fine a point on it.  I of course was not prepared for swimming so all I could do was strip down to my black boxer briefs which was fine because they sorta looked like shorts.  

We went down to the hot tub and got right in, she had her little Bluetoon Pop speaker so we had music.  We jumped in the pool for a bit and get right back in the hot tub.  We kissed and made out a bit, maybe more then a bit.  She took her bikini top off and I did my best to play it cool.  I wasn’t yet exposed to her more free-spirited world of the raver/campout scene.  Then suddenly it was 10pm and out we got, upstairs, dried off and dressed.  We drove back to the reunion and wondered if anyone would even notice we were gone.  No one did!

She helped me break down all my gear, which was now sitting all by itself outside in the dark since all the other guys had broken done all their gear already.  We danced to Alex’s DJ set for a bit then she sorta wandered off and disappeared.  At one point before that though I mentioned that we were all planning to go to McGee’s (an alameda bar that seems to be the place for us old Alameda peoples always gather) later and she said she would probably stop by with her high school pals.  I found the band and we toasted to our awesome rockin’ set and I confided in John and Mark about what we’d done.  They were blown away, they didn’t even realize either of us had even left!

When it came time, we made our way to McGees.  I was crashing at Penå’s dad’s place with him so I stuck with Mark.  I kept my eye on the door the whole time, hoping Cindy would eventually show up but she never did.  Then we closed the bar down and made our way back to Pop’s house.

A few days later I got a FB message from Cindy that was just something like “hey that was fun, thanks for the good times”.  I don’t remember the exact words but it was accompanied by a picture of her wearing a t-shirt that said “I KISSED THE LEAD SINGER”.  We didn’t actually get together till a few months later, when I moved to Benicia but this adventure pretty much sealed the deal for me.  

Stay tuned for that story…


One thought on “How We Met

  1. Nina Walsh-Harris says:

    I love your story and that sounds exactly like Cindy! I can’t say enough how sorry I am for your loss. I grew up with Cindy. Please let me know if there is anything you need. Nina

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