When We Started Dating

In early October of 2013, I had moved to Benicia, starting anew, and sharing an apartment with my sister.  It seemed like the right time to change my Facebook relationship status back to single.  Within a day or so Cindy messaged me saying “hey, I noticed your relationship status changed to single, does that mean you can go out on a date?”  I immediately said “Yes it does!”  Later, I teased her a bit, asking her if she was stalking me.  She vigorously denied it, but it made me feel pretty damn good to think she was interested.  I certainly was.

So we set a date and went to an Italian place on College Ave.  I remember picking her up at The Fairview House and had to take my shoes off to go inside.  The doorbell had a PTouch printed label that said ‘push it-push it real good’.   We had a fantastic time, drank a lot of wine and laughed a lot.  When I dropped her off back at her place she said to me “I really had a great time  and I’d like to do this again”.  I felt exactly the same way and told her as much.  I had a show with The B-Side ‘70s in Alameda that weekend and said she should come to that.  I got a room nearby in Oakland, knowing it was probably not a good idea for me to drive all the way back to Benicia that night.  I didn’t expect anything (but of course was hopeful) and that was the first night we spent together.  We were pretty much inseparable from then on.

“That’s My Puddin”

Within a few weeks she was to move out of the Fairview House and into Beacon St. She had this idea to place a time capsule in the wall where a contractor was replacing the back door of Beacon St with a sliding glass door.  She posted to Facebook “…what would you want to put in a time capsule?”.  People said “buttons” or “jewelry”.  I said “lyrics”.  A few days later she messaged me and said ‘hey I need those lyrics by Wednesday’  I was like “Uh ok!”.  I wanted to get them to her quickly but didn’t want to write a super intense love ballad.  It was only a few weeks we’d been dating so I opted for a more light-hearted thing.  I didn’t want to come off creepy at that stage!  Those were the most creative I think I’d written because I was under time pressure, I didn’t want to be super serious and creepy, yet I wanted to convey that I felt pretty strongly about her.  When I sent them to her she replied with “Oh my god you are adorable”.  That was when I know I’d succeeded.

That’s my Puddin Lyrics:

She came along like a little tornado

She’s super hot like a cherry tomato

Swept me up and I never came down

On the upper east side end of town



That’s my Puddin

I love all the things and stuff she does

That’s my Puddin

Making us laugh and causin’ a fuss


Her name is Cindy and she’s super fun

She sure gets lots of things and stuff done

She’s a real doer she don’t mess around

She’s the one I’m really glad I found

Next I’ll write about my introduction into her amazing world of Friends and Family (and mine!)


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