Celebrating Cindy

I’m sharing the words I prepared for the celebration yesterday:

We’re here today because Cindy Lopez AKA “Puddin”, “Puddin in the mix” had very explicit instructions for us.  We’re here to celebrate her life, out here in this park, with music, with family and friends.  So that’s what we’re going to do.

When we first started dating she said to me “I’m a doer”.  I said “I can see that!”.  She did all the things.  Creating a business completely on her own she ran for nearly 10 years, successfully.    But she inspired me to get shit done, to finish things I’d started, accomplish goals.  She inspired all of us to do better for ourselves and our loved ones, and the world.  

Cindy had so much compassion for everyone in her life.  She cared deeply for her entire family, all of her friends, me.  She was very focused on what those around her needed and how greatly they needed it.  She spent a great deal of time helping her family in times of need.  Her friends and their babies, or their troubles.  She was acutely aware of my concerns about my family and was so overjoyed when Max and I re-connected.  She wanted so badly to meet Max for so long and I’m so very grateful she did.

Her compassion wasn’t limited to family and friends either.  She was greatly compassionate about the homeless.  She volunteered to serve Christmas dinner at St. Anthony’s every Christmas Day.  We would go out to dinner and she would always have leftovers.  She’d tell me how she was going to fry an egg and put it on top of that for breakfast.  But then she’d ask for a plastic fork and napkin and on our walk home, she would give the food to a homeless person.

We all know she had so much love, and we of course love her just as much.  So many people have reached out to me, telling me how much they loved her.  Many people have told me how much they loved her happy, bubbly nature which I’m sure made their salon visits that much more amazing.  And the friends telling me about how much of a bright light she was at the campouts, always making sure everyone was having a fun, happy time.

We would say to each other “Old peoples?”  “Old peoples!”  Knowing that we were going to grow old together.  We had both desired so much to retire and finally relax and just be together.  Recently, we’d started to joke that “we are old peoples”.  

She’d also say to me “you keep me?”  I’d say “I keep you, you keep me?”  As sad as I am that we didn’t have the time together we thought we’d have, I am so very grateful for the time I did have with her.  I’d like to think I gave her some joy and happiness in her life, she sure gave that to me.  For this I will honor her for the rest of my days.

We know she wants us to laugh and love and dance, and cry.  But mostly laugh.  And do handstands.  I’m not doing any handstands, that’s not a good idea but those that can, should.  So let’s laugh and dance and sing and do handstands and cartwheels, and I think it’s ok to cry a little, In her honor.



2 thoughts on “Celebrating Cindy

  1. Hope says:

    Thank you sharing that. Even though I didn’t meet her later in life. I am pretty sure I met her many, many years ago. When she passed I told my husband. “Oh no. They were two peas in a pod and I know how Rob loves.” I used to show him your pictures once in while and I would show him and tell him that, “They love each other like we do. I am so happy to know that. Rob is such a good guy and she is his little fire-ball”. I wish that she was still in her body to give you hugs and tell you how cute you are. I wish you MORE love now and in the future. That kind of love saves, inpires and reassures other people that love is real, possible and eternal.

    • bonstone says:

      She was the love of my life, my soul mate for sure. Now I will just have to share all that love with everyone. I’m super glad you and George have that and I don’t need to tell you to hang on to it, give it room to just be and just enjoy it. Thank you Hope and much, much love to you and George.

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